Handshake in Space. Discussion

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The promo starts at 16:00 MSK on the 17th of July.




At last! All my GS hoarding since the V-Day sale will pay off! :smiley:

Was kinda waiting for this…  :006j:

On second thought; Nope. 

For me it is completely irrelevant, but it is nice for other players.

I would only gain 3 extra Monocrystals per day, so it’s not worth the effort, with a License.

90 extra Monocrystals per month is just not a good bargain anymore.

It would be better, if you could have some extra benefits from it.


Like that you can buy any Invasion exclusive Blueprint with Iridium or credits, but only if you own a Premium License.


However, 5 Monos instead of 3 per day, multiplied by 3, would also change my mind.

180 more Monocrystals total in 30 days would convince me that it’s worth investing in it.

Good discount. Thanks devs. :smiley:
(Not buying one myself though since I still have 256 days left)