Halo type gun for R8 destroyers, Doomb0t<

Um, the jericho’s r8 destroyer Archon’s level 4 3rd bonus states EM spread-xx% and proj speed + XX% 

Seriosly, are you guys really making destroyers now with bonus’s that cannot be used… ever?


It has been there for awhile so it is not " now".

How do you know that “ever”?

You would think, he  would add an em weapon before r11’s

but thats not the case

and probally never will

why build on a lower when the communtity wants higher

“the community”


I’ll have you know that a lot of “the community” hates destroyers in their current state and finds they are destroying PVP…

They are, I agree. Atleasst doomb0t didnt nerf them, he waited a little longer to decide.

I hoped for the Halo system at R8 but i guess that was too much to ask.

Its ridcullious, why make a freaking bonus that reduces aspects of an EM gun and increases some at that, if you dont even have a gun for it! R11’s are already out, so they probally wont make a damn gun. 

You cant make something with a bonus and forgot or never develop a weapon for that bonus. <WTF?


Or maybe they are still working on it??? Idk but if they put it in the game (with purpose) then they probably had a plan for it.

Remember when all the R4 and 8 synergy bonuses vanished from SP ships? We thought that it was a bug (well it sorta was) but it turned out to be prep for something awesome.

Have some faith. Have some patience.

I have only one of these things.