Halloween in space


Every year in late October according to terrestrial calendar a wave of anomalous energy passes through the Universe. Following an old Earth tradition this time is called ‘Halloween’. Fanatics and cultists worshiping the Signal believe that on ‘Halloween’ souls of the dead penetrate into our world.

Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that at this time, the Signal reaches its peak. Every year, numerous laboratories conduct risky Signal energy domestication experiments. Several years ago, one of such Jericho projects ended in a disaster. Since then, all objects with the active signal have been given the codename W.I.T.Ch.

‘W.I.T.Ch. Hunt’ protocol is coming into effect. Under the terms of the tripartite memorandum ‘On quarantine zones’ all three factions are involved in the operation together. Special agent of the Inquisition Miranda Del Arte was appointed to oversee the operation.

Mercenaries will receive special rewards for destroying W.I.T.Ch. and completing special missions!

Scary Sounds!

Some pilots reported hearing very frightening sounds and demonic laughter when docking with a station. Perhaps it has something to do with the operation W.I.T.Ch. We were able to intercept and record one of these transmissions:

Protocol ‘W.I.T.Ch. Hunt’!

UMC has recovered special, previously discontinued weapons in its warehouses. This is the only weapon guaranteed to protect mercenaries from the Infected. Using missiles ‘MEM Inquisitor’ you have to destroy the ships of those mercenaries that are suspected of carrying the alien infection. There are infected among all combat roles — you need to destroy at least one infected of each role.

The best mercenaries will receive a special achievement and a special title!

Special missions from Miranda Del Arte

Brotherhood ‘New Day’s Signal’ reminds you: ‘Signal’s Peak’ is coming — it’s a dark time when the spirits of the dead come to take what they’re owed by the living! Their souls are weeping, desecrated by the new ships’ green dirt! Miranda Del Arte offers mercenaries special missions starting October 28:

Eliminate or kill assist three enemy destroyers in any PvP mode. As a reward you will get Neodium or Beryllium.

Eliminate 5 enemy ships in any PvP mode using a destroyer. As a reward you will get valuable resource Electrum required to build rank 14 destroyers.

‘Detonation’ mode


Centre is receiving disturbing reports about special bombs in PvP-mode ‘Detonation’ looking extremely suspicious! We invite all pilots to be careful in these troubled days.

Strange faces

Members of UMC staff as well as intelligence agencies of various races and corporations actively working with the mercenaries, have been looking very strange and suspicious the last few days. Maybe it’s related to the Signal’s peak. But these may also be just costumes for the holiday.

Limited Time Offer! ‘Halloween’ bundle for 666 GS!


  • ‘Pumpkin’ colouring scheme!
  •  Scary stickers!
  • Frightening 66.6% bonus for synergy and credits for 3 days!

Attention! The bundle can be bought an unlimited number of times. The cost of purchased goods will be deducted from the final price. When re-purchasing the bundle, the duration of the bonus does not stack, it gets refreshed!

‘Halloween’ bundle will be available to all pilots only during the holiday: from October 27 to November 1. Colouring scheme and stickers will stay with you forever! Check the in-game store!

We will continue to inform all pilots about the strange events taking place in fringe sectors these days. Stay in touch!

Yours faithfully,

Star Conflict team

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