Halloween in space

Attention, mercenaries! Centre has received a message from the Imperial Counterintelligence special section #0 ‘Inquisition’ under the Warden order.




‘Attention to all UMC pilots!


Scientists report the approach of the next ‘Signal Peak’. Each year, at the end of October of Earth calendar, the universe experiences a passing wave of anomalous energy. It’s time for the old Earth tradition called ‘Halloween’. Fanatics and cultists who worship the Signal think that on ‘Halloween’ dead souls penetrate into our world. Despite numerous reports of ghost ships and other abnormal phenomena, the Inquisition considers it its duty to inform you that all of this is pure fiction. Ghosts do not exist! Any cases of dissent should be reported to the nearest military command post.


Two years ago, a Jericho experiment ended in a disaster. Since then, all objects with the active signal were assigned the code name W.I.T.Ch. This year, a significant threat comes from the pilots infected with Liu virus. The forces opposing humanity have disguised virus canisters as holiday decorations!

‘W.I.T.Ch. Protocol’ is coming into force. High alert mode is introduced on all bases. Under the terms of the tripartite memorandum ‘On quarantine zones’ all three factions are co-operating on this matter.

Special agent of the Inquisition Miranda del Arte has been appointed to oversee the operation.

Mercenaries will receive special rewards for completing objectives and destroying W.I.T.Ches!’


Centre put forward the following objectives:

  • Using ‘MEM Inquisitor’ missiles, destroy the ships of those mercenaries who are suspected of carrying the Alien virus. Infected are present among all combat roles — it is necessary to destroy at least one ship of each role.
  • Follow the instructions of special agent of the Inquisition Miranda del Arte and destroy infected, marked by the Inquisition.


The top mercenaries will receive an exclusive module for their ships, and in addition, a special achievement and a special title!