Had an interesting dream about Star Conflict.

Well, I was sleeping today and dreamed that patch 5.0 came out, and with it the T5 destroyers, but for some reason The Jericho destroyers came Gunship-sized with terrible turn speed, but decent enough.

I saw a formation of about 15 or so of them flying against a larger enemy while in a triangle formation of sorts and destroying it in some form of grand animation.

Another part of my dream was simply thoughts about pulse lasers. I thought about it being the only type of weapon being able to hit an interceptor going in circles and that I’d not be able to use another weapon for the job, probably. That’s about all I remember. 


Oh, and the Jericho destroyer looked different within the patch notes that I sleep-read. It looked about half the size of the current destroyers, I think.Or at least I remember thinking that it looked somewhat small. perhaps 75% the size, eh… who knows. It was Redish and black, probably. With a curved vertical front with a sleek design. I actually want one now xD *drools*



In other news, I logged on expecting a patch to quench my interest garnered from dreaming, but no patch is here yet… T.T 

flying against a larger enemy while in a triangle formation 

THAT’S IT! Illuminati is CONFIRMED! 

Jericho doesn’t need big ships to own. ;3

Also “patch 5.0”???

No wonder we don’t have them yet! XD

SC patch 5.1


Changes in gamemode:

  • Dreadnoughts and PvP has been removed for the greater good


Changes in balance

  • Speed and rotation of all frigates increased X5 to better catch interceptors

  • Interceptors can now carry 10 EM-torps to better challenge the new “planetary-class ships”


Miss Spring special custom ship colors and exciting weaponry


  • Complete Miss Spring missions to unlock the new “Spring mission skin” for your ships

  • Kill 1.000.000 pirates in PvE to get the new Doomsday missile barrage for interceptors


Bug FIxes

  • Fixed bug with players still wanting to recommend the game to their friends



  • Hangar sounds volume has been boosted tenfold