"Hacked firmware" synergy and loyalty 200%+

Lets say i make 10000 synergy(with license) a game, and if i use hacked firmware it only gives me 20 thousand synergy(which = 100%+) when it should be 30000 synergy!?

erm … Math ?

This is with  license only

This is me using t5 ship 220% - on t1 blackwood pve… first picture is with only license, second picture is with hacked firmware, I believe the formula is off by almost 20%



10000 + 200% = 33000 !!! 

In this case it should be average 7000 + 200%(hacked firmware) = 21000  X 1.5(license)= 30500 synergy 

The synergy amount you get is different in each battle, because it also depends on obejectives and the efficiency of your team.

I know that, that is why i said and gave every detail on the objectives, do you not see the results i posted in this forum ? and detail on it? on previous post

it was a basic pve t1, i was using t5 level 15 220% on black wood pve, first photo i got total of about 9300, then the next photo is 23000 with the hacked firmware, and that match i did slightly better by 10%, what i am saying is that with the hacked firmware it should of been rite around 28000, not under 24000.  9300+200% is actually 27900(and that was the match i did not do good as the hacked firmware match), they are both the same match same t1 level black wood pve, i was using t5 220%, and it is the same amount of synergy i usually get on black wood on any tear




Unless you are saying that synergy is effected by you’re profile rating ? 


Theres a formula for how its added up, and its a quarky formula. I dont know it, but its adding up properly. Ive used the 200% hacked firmware and its working as it should.

It is also affected by your teams total efficiency.

yes i know, are you aware that even battle firmware is *1.4(40%+); and hacked firmware formula is *2=(100%), false 200% ? i know this because i have used hacked firmware 500+ battles, and tested the formula on battle firmware! trust me, the formula is not correct - it really should be *3 , when you compare it to battle firmware which is 1.3*   … its not timed with license, so please try to understand guys! , it would only help the game much more! for people who like to use allot of gs :smiley: