Gunship lrf

Ive been using empire lrf as gunships lately, and was wondering if at T3 this is possible for Jericho ones? (I prefer shield tanking)

IMO it’s easier for Jericho LRFs, since the shield repair module has a better cooldown, and Jerichi LRFs can position themselves safely to attack from behind cover, or pop out to shoot with the main guns. My standard active module set for the Templar AE was shield resist, shield repair, IR pulsar. 


IR pulsar was taken because it’s easy to fire from behind cover (hence eliminating the need for EM scattering). And I moved around a lot, swapping from long range bombardment to direct combat (i.e. gunship mode), so EM scattering was of no use for me. Furthermore, IR pulsar has quite a bit of utility usage in attacking and defending beacons. It’s probably not the easiest module to use, but it’s probably one of the most useful for an LRF.

Thanks for the tips, but heres another question. Dies anyone else use the guided torp for short range burst damage?

You can use it to kill interceptors around you but you will get dmg too

I meant against frigates, i use mines for ints.

Jericho LRF for gunship is far better than Empire.  One you press F, you’re off and away firing.  Dealing with weapon overheat?  F’s ready.  Empire has better DPS, but you have to be more planned with the disintegrator than the torpedo.


It’s also why I’m wanting the devs to change LRF’s to something more team oriented.  Empire LRF is a DSR boost.  It actually shocks me when I snipe with it and get more kills than the other LRF’s in T2.  I just want a Styx.