Gun Information

Hey guys is it posted any where what the differences between guns are. Also the weapon descriptions is kinda vague on what the benefits of better weapons is. You can tell the refire rate cap drain etc but things like better ranges or dmg output is very vague. Aside from the guns having a bigger tier # next to them denoting that it is a better gun. Just think key info is missing to make a more informed choice on guns.

If there is some free time the weapon descriptions could get some better texts.

so far we can only say :

Range : Laser > Kinetic / Railgun > Plasma

ROF : Plasma > Kinetic / Railgun > Laser

Damage Per Shot : Laser>Railgun>Plasma

Energy Usage: Laser>Railgun>Plasma

well… that’s why they give us Economy laser…

i found basic weapon descriptions in the shop. click on weapons and the 3 basic typs will drop down, mouse over the weapon types there for description.