Guide Contest "Asteroid Conqueror"


With the recent update we were introduced with a mining ship and a different mining system. Since many players are interested in mining and how it works now, together with the developers as happy backers, we’ve decided to bring up a contest that would help anyone learn the mining process and reward those that share their knowledge and experience in the best possible way, with a guide contest.


Conditions of the contest:

It is necessary to write a guide for mining resources from asteroids

Add as many details as possible - screenshots, text descriptions and
videos are allowed.

The guide must be clear and understandable for all categories of players - from space veterans to beginners.

Post your guide in THIS SUBSECTION of the forum

And then post the link of the guide in

You can discuss the contest in

this thread

Only one guide per player is allowed!

The guide must be created by you specifically for the competition and must not violate the

[rules of the forum](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33781-forum-rules/)

and the



Duration of the contest:

Guides will be accepted from April 30 to May 14

Winners will be announced within a week



  • 1st Place: Any rank 15 ship (standard, premium and manufacturable) + the Killer Whale sticker
  • 2nd Place: Lava, Nebula or Liquid Metal preset + the Killer Whale sticker
  • 3rd Place: 30 days of premium + the Killer Whale sticker


The guides with the most upvotes will have the chance to obtain the Th'ak'len 11-17 gun!

Good luck pilots!

For those wondering what the sticker looks like:







9 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

1st Place: Any rank 15 ship (standard, premium and manufacturable) + the Killer Whale sticker

Is it also counting dlc like Loki?

5 hours ago, Neoncreeper1MEDK said:

Is it also counting dlc like Loki?

Loki is rank12 so it does not fall into the category.

Well, didnt know what you meant with rank25 ships.

2 minutes ago, Neoncreeper1MEDK said:

Well, didnt know what you meant with rank25 ships.

Well, it was an obvious typo ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

if you want to mine asteroid fast j recomend heating it up for 4 hit markers(5 is risky but a little faster) (the x that shows up in the middle of the screen when you hit something) if you are using projectile weapons j recomend fast shooting ones if lasers (like me) any will do and when you heat asteroid up just shoot about one evry 0.5-1 second, you should see a slight pulsating of asteroid brightness.if you are new to the mining you should slowly heat up asteroid and whan it beggins cooling down (slight decrease in brightness) shoot it and heat it up and repeat untill asteroid breaks and give you the sweet loot. as to the ships, j personaly use fighter and j recomend them. becouse top speed is preety good and cargo ist that bad j dont recomend interceptors (high speed but very small cargo, destroyers huge cargo but painfully slow ) if you want to use frigates that is your choice. if build for speed it is preety good becouse of it’s big cargo. As for locations. j recomend irydium mines in ONTREGOS and PB-42 in sector VIOR (wasnt there but j heared there ia a lot of asteroids) if you want some more info that j missed feel free to respond to this coment.

Now that the contest is over let’s announce the winners:


1st place Boczek121 


2nd place AsHe5123


3rd place icechocola


The winner of the Th’ak’len 11-17 gun this time around is Boczek121, happy hunting!


Please pm me your ingame name on which you want to receive the rewards!