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(not sure what you meant by posting guide links so here is mine)


Great miners will tell tales about using alien technology or hand crafted weapons to mine on high end ships…

I decided to take the average Joe approach : a fighter with an ordinary … Assault railgun.


One reason to use fighters instead of interceptors and frigates : a compromise between speed and cargo space.

The weapon shouldn’t matter; I didn’t wanted anything fancy or optimal, just something doing the job.

I use the Stingray as my goto miner (650m/s while afterburning, increased cargo capacity with an extended hull)


For the realisation of this guide i decided to experiment with the Lynx. You heard me right, that ship. The one your grandma was flying to buy groceries back in the pre-invasion days!


My goal for this guide was to get 10 components the for “Mole” mining ship, so i had to drop a bit of vanadium when my cargo  was full.



You have a ship fully equipped and a weapon ready to munch asteroids.


Now for the exciting part : to Open Space we go!

Ideal locations for mining should have some asteroids and few NPC ships to avoid being turned into a flying swiss cheese distracted.

Iridium Strand has asteroids but also plenty of rogue pirates; i decided instead to fly in Service Shop, a nice and cosy area near the federation station. *Plus it has a cargo drone for instant transfer of your fortune to your hangar*

Once arrived, it’s time so search. A spatial scanner can help, but your eyes are your best tools for early spotting. After all, first arrived, first served!


While afterburning all around the map, stay on the lookout. search for rocks that seems… oddly placed. Like that one near a wreck!



approach until you can identify if you can mine, or not.



Bingo bango, it’s time to start mining!

Engage your railguns and keep shooting until the asteroid is glowing hot with red/orange nuances



Now, release the controls and fire more casually, in order to let the asteroid at a hot temperature but not allowing it to cool down. a fire rate of approximately one shot per second should be way enough.


------- However -------

Ouch. you were too eager to get your first asteroid mined and overshot the crispy target! It happens from time to time, don’t worry.

The remedy is enough practice to find out how fast you need to fire to maintain healthily the glowing redness of the juicy asteroid



So, you start to run around the map, looking for something out of place.

While flying, you notice a dark spot hanging around



It is my wayto identify mining-able asteroid : they are usually smaller and darker than the scenery rocks. And often spawn in odd places, next to buildings, warp gates, etc.


You will notice that there are categories of asteroids.

There are :

-> Poor asteroids,

-> Asteroids

-> Rich asteroids (you get a bit more resources).

Depending on the prefix (Crystal, Silicon,…) you can determine which resource you will mainly get from it; however asteroids without prefixes are a mix of ores.




Same procedure as earlier : shoot until it’s glowing hot



Then carefully keep the asteroid hot, the echo of your first failure still fresh in your memory!



_ Plop. _ Like a pinata, the asteroid explodes, but this time you get ores and… a container with one Mole component.




It is the begining of your mining story…

Keep flying; the more familiar you are with the area you’re mining in, the easier it will be to notice mine-able asteroids like these:





Result of the “Lynx mining experiment”.



I do hope that i somehow helped you to get your hands on valuable resources which one day will be part of your manufactured ships and weapons.

Fly safe!


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Translated it basicly means the following i guess:

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Was a bit unclear in your original post and i just followed the 1st entry but here you go with the “now correct version” i hope :stuck_out_tongue:

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