Guard ships unbalenced?

4 hours ago, Swifter43021 said:

There’s a difference between “doing that they are meant to do”, and being so powerful that more then half of the ship played are guards.


6 out of 10 ships in the enemy team were guards.

Don’t tell me that there’s no problem with this.


That used to be the story for destroyers until the nerfs made them nearly useless.

7 minutes ago, DrDeath_ScD said:

That used to be the story for destroyers until the nerfs made them nearly useless.

meh, they are only NEARLY useless if not used right and don’t have any alien tech installed… I still keep it strong with my vigilant suppressing like its meant to do. But as far as Guards, again if used right they can be top scoring ships especially if beacons are involved where the inty’s have little choice to go to… a trap from the very beginning ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

19 hours ago, Swifter43021 said:

So 3 peoples to kill one ? Yeah definitely not OP. 


Half of the t5 guards can have access to 50% range buff, so “2k auro range” is a joke.

And the modules effects are too much. I mean seriously 3km permanent 30% slow, that can’t even be countered using reboot/r8 implant, and that comes with an AB disable with a low cooldown ?

Or a pulsar that both deny beacons AND gives over 200 if not 300 resistances when used in a team fight ?

Combined with a 100k survavibility, which in reality is worth over 250k due to modules. And a cute 400m/s for free when outside of combat ?


Compare what guards can do with an LRF. 

Guads can even out damage LRF using proxi + anomaly + their special. 

Seriously. Be honnest. In what situation would you take an LRF over a guard beside survival (wich is supposed to be a temporary game mode) ?

Please read the descriptions of the guard modules, like the emergency shield, you clearly didn’t have a look.

If everyone could just buy the proxy mortar for credits, then it wouldn’t be OP. ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Personally I would be so that he resets their phase shield has 120 bonus pts
Because now the guard really has to be totally surpassed by the smallest hunter even the smallest recon can kill them in 20sec

So please stop the nerve is make him what fesais from him a single ship is not just a bait for free pts

For those who disagree with me down stop all pick the same type of weapon. Diversified a can your games



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Cristal anthea french player

I think guards are ok, the problem is the proxymortal only. 

The guard on so was nerve that he had the weakest basic shield of the games While they are supposed to be the biggest shield tanker of the games
I see a very big problem that makes them practically unplayable because they are reduced to playing the hunters without having the stats for

Ok i must be doing something wrong, I have a tier 9 Fed guard frigate and I’m not doing too well in battles. I have all three types of resistances and several shield boosters.

Guard is perfect if use correct build, i prefer mass driver for now, because tai’kin it’s hard to hit by coil mortal, and you try the active module energy converter on guard? You can oneshot almost all type of ship with some accuracy.