Guard Shield Strength Unaffected by Synergy Level

This might not be a bug, but it does not appear to be in the patch notes for the latest update, so there is no sign that this is NOT a bug.


As of 1.4.1, Guards are no longer receiving any increase in shield strength based on synergy level.  The difference is at least 4k on an Inquisitor S; at max synergy, shield strength was at least 26k, and is now only 22k.  Part of the reason I think this is likely a bug is that every other ship role still gets that increase in shield strength.  For that matter, no other role has lost any synergy level-based increases.  This discrepancy shows up anywhere you can view ship stats, as well as in-game.  All of the other stats that are affected by synergy level still receive their increases on Guards.


For those who might suggest this is not really a problem due to the recent increase in Guard shield resistances, Guards still have lower base shield resistances than all other roles.  It was -30 until the increase, but is still -20 in comparison to most other roles. (Command and Tacklers have +10 to all shield resistances in comparison to most other roles.)

In addition, hull volume has increased by a similar amount. I guess someone accidentally changed shield bonuses to more hull bonuses? ![:004j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004j.png “:004j:”)

May be connected to this (from [patch 1.4.1 notes](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32889-star-conflict-141/)):


All guard ships are now able to restore hull, if they are not in combat

…restore hull pts in respawn wait time - or what?

I can not make exactly sense out of this.

Undock and ram into a wall, then wait a couple seconds and you’ll see. Apparently 200 hull damage repaired per second when not taking damage.

Ah - o.k will inspect it. It’s not listed as hull repair rate in the ship stats window, though, yet.

It’s not constant, that’s why it isn’t listed. It is a special effect that is there only when you have not taken any damage for a moment.