[GUARD] Blood Tormentor Guide



I)Introduction :

The Blood Tormentor (BT) is the first Premium Jericho Guard (T3 Rank 9) implemented in “StarConflict” in the [patch v.0.10.2](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22969-star-conflict-obt-v0102/) (April 17 2014). 

Developped by Pirates , this ship can only be found on the “Black Market” and require 4070 Gold Standards to be buy.


Directly from the [I.I.N. n°XII (73)](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23169-inn-issue-xii-73-on-46140514/)



A new ship of “The Enclave” is ready to hit the market. This pirate modification of a high-tier ship was designed for fast and total extermination of enemy forces. It’s not very comfortable, but its potential is really amazing. The ship is rapidly gaining popularity. It is unknown how many such ships does the Enclave have and why is it selling them. Perhaps it’s all about financial problems. But you can check the quality of the ship by one of previous modifications, Blood Tormentor, a ready-made lot of which has been recently captured by the antipiracy committee.

The UMC doesn’t cooperate with pirates or illegal companies. That’s why pilots shouldn’t rely on a possibility to pay a discount price of the ship and the licence for it. The ship will be available only for market price in galactic currency.


The unique design of this ship, granted by pirates, not only allowed the “Blood Tormentor” to earn the reputation of “Gorgeous Ship”, it also introduced new capacities for Mercenaries.

The main Particularity of this ship, is the presence of not one, but 2 CPU slots !

Allowing mercenaries from all the Galaxy to discover the Potential of an Offensive Jericho Guard !


II) Profile of a Jericho Pirate Guard :

Like all the other ship, the Blood Tormentor presents its own Strengh and Weakness. Plus, we have to add the fact that this ship was created by “Pirates”, meaning that, as all the Pirates, they put everything on the firepower and Duct Tape on the hull of the ship.


Let’s take a look at the Ship :



The  Blood Tormentor  presents :

2 Capacitor Slots

3 Shield Slots

2 CPU Slots


1 Weapon Slot (4 cannons)

1 Missile Slot (Including the Anomaly Generator)


The Phase Shield (Special Module)

4 Active Module Slots


_ Ship’s Bonus : _

Maximum Capacitor volume increased by 20% (common to all the Guards)

Shield Resistance to all damage increased by 10 points

Main Weapon damage increased by 10%



a) Strengh of the BT :


The power of this ship is truly its firepower.

Directly linked to the fact it have 2 CPU slots, +10% Damage and 2 Capacitor Slots :

This accumulation of possibility at the expense of the resistance of the ship allows it to give his pilot a “firepower” higher than that of its cousins​​: “The Anaconda-M” and “Crusader S”

We can develop this by stating that this combo of “Ship Modifiers” allows optimal use of all weapons present in T3.

Secondly, as all the guards, a good use of the “Phase Shield” will provide you +25% more damage !

And, of course, as a guard, this ship, when correctly Fitted, it can be extremly durable.


b) Weakness of the BT : 


All the ships have weakness, and the Blood Tormentor does not break this rule.

At the difference of the Crusader S and the Anaconda-M, the BT is showing particular weakness due to its design.

First, this ship have, due to the “Tormentor” design, 3 majors blindspots :

  • The rear of the ship
  • The bottom of the ship
  • The left and right flank

Second point, this ship is not mobile at all. Cumulating the fact it’s a Jericho Ship and the total absence of Engine Slot, we have a really slow ship, that have rotation/strafing/mobility problems

And every interceptors pilot or Fighter pilot who is not trying to facetank you will be able to use this weakness.


Third point, Your hull is weak ! Once again, at the difference of the Crusader S or the Anaconda-M, the absence of Hull slot make you more vulnerable when your Shield is down than other guards.

The true weakness is when you try to fallback or hide to regenerate your shield. It’s the perfect timing to kill you, it’s corresponding the timing where you are extremly easy to kill.


Last point (Common with all the frigates), it’s the Hitbox. The BT is a big ship, and the hitbox will be really easy to hit. When you are trying to hide, don’t forget your Shield Hitbox.



II) How to ?


a) Play a Blood Tormentor :


Unregarding the fitting, the Blood Tormentor (due to the Inner weakness and ship design) is a Front Mid-Range Guard.

And its the main difference between it and the other Guards.


The BT is mainly an “Overextend Punisher”. Its job is not to charge in or rush an Objective. It’s tanking capability are lower than Standard Guards (Non-Premium).

Due to the fact, this ship can use and optimise all the Frigate’s weapon for Mid-Long Range, this ship does not need to overcommit to be effective. 

Stay in range of an Engineer is an obligation for most of the situation.


Your main objectives will be to :

  • Put pressure on the objectives from safe distance
  • Protect Allies from being rushed
  • Punish ennemie’s mistake (death is a good punition)
  • Disturb ennemie’s actions / Movements (forcing them to hide behind asteroids/structures or just Deals enough damages to make sure they will have a lower combat capacity than your teammates)
  • Attract ennemie’s fire.


You must not :


  • Overextend (if your allies follow you, you will make your team weaker)
  • Chase ennemy ships
  • Be alone (NEVER) / Rush an Objective Alone
  • Engage any group of ennemy instead of being with your team
  • Frigball


b) Play against a Blood Tormentor :


You don’t need to kill a Blood Tormentor to prevent it to be annoying. You can play on its weakness to force it to retreat or just completly break its dynamics.

Fighting a Guard in 1 vs 1 is never a good idea but some “tricks” exists :

  • Guards really hate ECM, since they can shutdown all the guard’s modules and prevent you from using your main tanking mechanics by Stunning you and draining your energy, they can simply annihilate Guard’s Gameplay. (Meaning you can go in your kitchen, make you a sandwich, eat it and brush your teeth before being able to re-control your ship).
  • A Tackler will annoy a Blood Tormentor extremly hard if you catch the BT without any cover. The Gravi-Beam is an excellent tool against frigates in general but it’s extremly powerful against the BT and its lack of mobility. (The Sentry Drone is particulary useful against slow frigate)
  • The Gunship / Covert Ops can be extremly painful for a BT. The Blood Tormentor can’t run away and even if you don’t kill it, the guard will have to use modules to survive, making it weaker if your teammates decide to kill it. (Baiting the Pulsar will completly lets the BT become a freekill against short range aggression)
  • Catching a guard and forcing it to use modules when it is flying between objectives is the best way to negate its efficiency / reaction time. It will make them less able to help or survive
  • Asking LRF teammates to focus the BT will force the Blood Tormentor to hide and reduce the efficiency of its weapons.
  • Using differents combo of damage’s type will allow you to bait the Phase Shield. (Kinetic Weapon / Plasma Missile)
  • Use and abuse of your mobility, don’t try to hug the BT.
  • If you ping it enough, the Legend says that your teammates will help you.



c) Fit a Blood Tormentor :



Here we go ! 


The fitting of a Blood Tormentor is not really particular. It’s following a Shield Tanking Mechanics without any Hull Resistance.

The particularity of “Blood Tormentors” resides in the optimization of weapons of this ship. Thus providing Guards, the ability to be extremely effective without one of its main modules. 

And this is why the BT is unique.


The Ship’s Modifier Base (Standard Fitting) :



Extremly basic, they are the base of the Blood Tormentor : 

  • The first one is the base : Balanced Resistance + Energy Stable + Anti-CC + Shield Volume - Acceleration speed(3.6m/s2 instead of 6.2 m/s2)
  • The Second one is : Full Resistance + Energy stable + Anti-CC 
  • The third one is : Shield Volume + No negative EM Resistance + Anti-CC - Acceleration speed  (2.5m/s2 instead of 6.2 m/s2)

Standard Active Modules Combo :


v.01 : Basic


Nothing really big, it’s a simple combo extremly powerful for all the Guard Frigates.

Both of them are bringing high personnal survavibility and Teamplay capacities.


v.02 : Blood Tormentor Protector


The Protector Pattern is also working on all the Guards but works better with the Blood Tormentor due to the teamplay requirement.

The first one will provide an high defensive potential against Jericho Long Range; Torpedo, and missiles in general and will make the positionning of your teammates easier.

The second one will provide an extremly high “Annoying” potential if you decide to follow your teammates into battles providing them Damage Reduction and Reducing the ennemy mobility.


v.03 Blood Trollmentor


Don’t laugh because this 2 fittings will probably become the Next Gen for the Jericho Guards in Squad.

This 2 fittings are allowing to bait to death a lot of players (and not only ECM).

Removing the Pulsar can be a bad idea, but in terms of Teamplay and Survavibility it’s bringing a lot of change.

Most of the time, Players know that they can bait the Pulsar or simply evade from it, add the fact the Pulsar can be ECMed, you nearly have a module that cost a lot of energy for AOE Damage without any self snowball effect (the thing which made the pulsar interresting).

By trading a short range module for more survavibility, you will optimize the main particularity of the Blood Tormentor (the Main weapon).

It could seems weird, but the Results I had with this 2 Modules Combos and the Following Fitting were completly broken.



d) The Weapon Combo :


Beam Cannon :


“Look at dat Curve”


Ammunition : Curved Reflector

Capacitor : Iridium Heatsink 

CPU : “Horizon” Module x2

Explanation : This DPS is without the Phase Shield bonus, the Iridium Heatsink is adding more DPS than the Pulse Discharger (+ Energy regeneration malus). Range and Critical chance don’t require to be higher.


“BEAM ! In your face”


Ammunition  : Focused Lens (Invasion craft)

Capacitor  : Pulse Discharger / Can be changed for an Iridium Heatsink.

CPU  : “Horizon” Module  / Infrared Scanner

Explanation : This one Optimize a bit more the range and mainly the Critical damage of the Beam Cannon


Heavy Blaster :


That’s what I call an HEAVY Blaster


Ammunition  : Curved Reflector

Capacitor  : Pulse Discharger

CPU  : “Horizon” Module / Electronic Guidance

Explanation : This is an Heavy Blaster :smiley:


Le “ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata” from a safe distance


Ammunition  : High Frequency Oscillator

Capacitor  : Acceleration Coil

CPU  : “Horizon” Module / Electronic Guidance

Explanation : Smaller Heavy Blaster with Faster Pwepwejectiles and more range.



Positron Cannon :



Oups I bring it again !


Ammunition  : Booster Circuit

Capacitor  : Pulse Discharger

CPU  : Infrared Scanner / Target tracking Coprocessor

Explanation : If someone trigger the +25% damage, show him it was a bad idea.


There is a variant of this one based on :

Ammunition  : Crafted Double Deflector

Capacitor  : Acceleration Coil

CPU  : “Horizon” Module / Electronic Guidance

Explanation : The energy regeneration is higher, the projectile speed higher but the damage a bit lower.



Coil Mortar :



Vanadium Shower


Ammunition  : Vandium Shell

Capacitor  : Acceleration Coil (left) / Iridium Heatsing (Right)

CPU  : Infrared Scanner / Electronic Guidance

Explanation : The variation of Capacitor is due to a variation of Implant (Rank 6 Fed or Jericho) both of them workds really good.


Crit Mortar :


Ammunition  : Shaped Charge Shell

Capacitor  : Acceleration Coil 

CPU  : Infrared Scanner x2

Explanation : Because.


Coil Mustard


Ammunition  : Uranium Shell

Capacitor  : Acceleration Coil 

CPU  : “Horizon” Module / Infrared Scanner

Explanation : This one is based on a full projectile speed build (you need to use the Jericho R6 implants). You can also use the Insane range to shot through 5147m (explosion radius :wink: )

Perfect for preventing Mosquitoceptors and Immobile fighters to be annoying.




e) Implants and variability




In Red : Implants you must have for the Blood Tormentor

In Green : Implants related to your personnal wish (what you prefer)

In Blue : Implants related to “All” your others ships and your weapons choices.


In terms of Booster Modules :

  • “Shield Tuning” is a Must have (+10 pts to all shield Resistance)
  • “Military CPU” is a Must have (+4% damage / +5% max speed)




The Blood Tormentor is an extremly dangerous frigate between the right hands.

Indeed, the Blood Tormentor can reach the hightest DPS for a Guard Frigate in T3. But the Counterpart are expensive.

The lack of Hull slots prevent you from having the same efficiency than others T3 guards and the lack of Engine slot (and mobility in general) make you extremly vulnerable between objectives or on big map.

If you decide to fly it, you will have to remember to be a Teamplayer


Dealing with the Blood Tormentor is also easier than it’s seems to be.

The model used for this ship clearly want to show that the Rear and the Bottom of the ship can be, and must be exploited against it.

Fearing a Blood Tormentor is exactly what a Guard Pilot expect. And a too small aggression will just buff his damage.

When you want to hit a Blood Tormentor, You have to hit it HARD ! You have to become the Tormentor’s Tormentor !



For those who start by the End,

You will find, in this guide, unusual things about the guards in general, due to the fact that the Blood Tormentor, as well as the Reaper, have inneral particularities that can make it to look stronger than it’s truly is.

Remember that Pirates love to play with the Images they can have :wink:


Thanks for Reading and Enjoy the game !


Word of the day :

Omelette au fromage



PS : If you have any question, feel free to ask them in this post, I will try to answer it as fast as I can :wink:

its quite damn strong with a squad with command and healer… must say its kinda overpowered. 

blood trollmentor :smiley:

Hmmm, yes i’m grateful that u granted me access to insider informations about my biggest enemy ship, thx.

Hmmm, yes i’m grateful that u granted me access to insider informations about my biggest enemy ship, thx.


I’m using another fitting :smiley:

On the active modules, I like Pulsar, Uber-Hull Restore, Uber-Shield Restore and Missile Shield. Due to lack of agility, nukes and Jeri Torps can be a nuisance, so I find it is useful to be able to remove them;

I’ve very quickly fallen in love with the Blood Tormentor. It is so gloriously overpowered! I also think it’s tankier than the Crusader S, though that might just be because there are better pilots equipping and flying the BT.

I know some people go for full survivability when it comes to active modules (i.e. guard self-heals + multipurpose modules). How does the BT fare with such a set of active modules? 



 I also think it’s tankier than the Crusader S

In fact no, The Crusader S is tankier.


The fact you think that the BT is Op is due to the CPU slots, allowing to BT to deal more damages and/or from a higher distance.


I know some people go for full survivability when it comes to active modules (i.e. guard self-heals + multipurpose modules). How does the BT fare with such a set of active modules? 

A guard is mean to annoy the ennemy and not only with its weapons. With Multipurpose Modules (instead of Guard’s Modules like SM/MPI/AMS) you will provide 4 Cannons instead of Teamplay effect.

For a Jericho Guard, a SM bring more than a multiphase shield adapter or a Shield booster L (Long term).

This kind of fitting bring nothing in terms of Players teamplay, Objectives efficiency and are extremly easy to counter (Spy drone, ECM, Ion WarHead)

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