G'Thar'Du triggers aggressor status regardless of station protection

  1. If the projectile of the G’Thar’Du Cannon is hit by an AoE (Pyro emitter, Halo launcher etc.) it causes the player who hit the projectile to be marked with the Aggressor status.

  2. To be able to fire at the projectiles without obtaining Aggressor status.

  3. Occurred in Open Space under station protection in a system with station protection active.

  4. Whilst in Open Space in a station sector (In this case, Leviathan) testing for the bug, I used the Pyro Emitter on another Destroyers G’Thar’Du projectile and was marked with the Aggressor status despite being within Station Protection. Whilst under the Aggressor status I was able to be damaged by the Destroyer I shot the projectile of and was in turn able to damage him.

5. Always occurs. 

  1. Logs attached, will provide video if required.

  2. Time was not logged.

  3. Not relevant.

  4. Not relevant.

  5. Not relevant.