G'thar Du/Gravity Lense in PVP

Please learn the meaning of the word “Balanced,” O glorious *geniuses* we call dev’s, Because having a destroyer with both of these equipped, is clearly NOT balanced.  Do us all a favor, and make it so that if a destroyer has one of these equipped, they CANNOT have the other equipped.  (example, if they have the cannon equipped, the game should not let them use the lense, and vica versa.)  This should be so, because that is a broken combination, which makes it ridiculously unfair to friggate class ships, who lack the speed no matter HOW much speed you give them, to escape both when used in conjunction with one another, coming from the same ship.

Do you ever read, what writing the destroyer pilots? The complaints are already “balanced”. The destroyers were nerfed, frigates were buffed. Otherwise, if your teammates do not help, run away or hide! Do not try to defeat the destroyer alone. This is a team game. In theory.

I can’t believe ppl still complain about dessy…

The gthardu is annoying but gravity lens is like amateur darts, 99% you miss everything.

This is what lets them do their job. Suppress. Suppress enemy frigates and let your teams damage ships take out the rest. Destroyers are already penalized very very much. And I say that even tho LRF (frigate) is my main and I tend to play a lot of guard recently. And I can survive them, I stay away from them and take them out when they dont pay attention.
You are being the jet complaining about AA-missiles, just avoid their range.

yeah, so like a 2km pull range is “balanced” when you’re an empire friggate, and can’t get away from the gravity lense, because they’re the slowest ships for all factions.

Gotta have some weaknesses man… it can’t be all strengths.

2 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

Gotta have some weaknesses man… it can’t be all strengths.

Lol imagine a spark with 700m/s speed 120°/s rotation singularity crit build