Grind for T3 Modules

Hi, do you know any way to grind for t3 gear efficiently. I am currently doing t3 pve and pvp and all i get is t4 modules. Do i need to go back to t2 for t3 gear?

PvE for T3 and T4 is currently the same matches. I think the consensus is that there is no T3 PvE, there’s only T4. There’s no way to grind for T3 modules at the moment, your best bet is to win as many pvp as possible and luck out on the loot.

I play R6 T2 pvp and I only seem to get T3 military modules. I’ve gotten 2 experimentals, which were T2.


T2 PvE gives me T2 military modules, though. Never gotten T3 military out of PvE (sometimes I get stuck in T4 PvE o.O and get T4 modules)