Grimgrom, new pilot, comfirmed gamer !

Hey guys,


I’m pretty exited to see that this actually has an active community. I discovered the game a year ago or so but it’s only been a few weeks since I really play

I played online on a lot of games, some well known like Lol, Hots, Wow (yes I like giving money to Blizzard) so i’m used to the template, modules optimization and fitting in the group

I am also pretty familiar with strategies


I am currently leveling the Crusader (tier 3 rank 8 Jericho) to rush lvl 15 get the implant and easy money to optimize my T3 (I almost read the entire forum, that is what i found in every discussion, all happens in T3)

I tried all classes and this one with intercepter a pretty nice for me


I have 16 ships in total, with 3 prenium (Eagle is the most op of them, i love it) 

LVL 8 for Fed & Jericho, only 6 for the empire


I would like to find a corp to fit in, where I could learn fast (i do learn fast) the little things particular to this game and how are the pvp mechanics here, etc …


I have been invited in a corp, no message or anything, i accepted to see

It turned out to be only russian players who never spoke to me

Or if they did I didn’t understand


So I’d also like a good group of folks to spend some good times with on the game, not only playing


That’s all for me, ask any question !