Gravity Hook [Module]

Name: Gravity Hook

Type: Crafted Passive CPU module for all ships in all raks

Tooltip: Unlocks “Retrieval” and “Refinery” missions in open space. Also gives the ship weak kenesis.


The Gravity Hook would be a passive modifier for all ships for use in open space. It would allow the user to complete retrieval and refining missions in open space, as well as do some other cool things.


Function: Press “5” to fire a very short range gravity hook at the crosshairs. Press “5” again to drop whatever you picked up. Press the “fire” button to launch the object forwards.



Retrieval: Any mission where the goal is to find an object and bring it to a certain drop point, whether it be a certain sector, or even a station. Generally missions like “find alien artefact and bring it to the research station” or “locate allied ship wreck and bring it back to station”. They would involve going up to the object, pressing “5” to launch a gravity hook, then towing the object to the destination physically.


Refinery: Any mission involving finding specific chunks of ore and dragging them to a refinery location to be professionally processed. Yields much higher amount of materials than interacting with ore normally. Some refineries cost credits, some are free but in dangerous areas.


PvP/E function: Player can grab and throw rocks, drones, ship wrecks, and other objects. Can only grab enemy and player-placed drones, not allied drones.