Gravitational Anomaly Seed Chip

Today, I learned that the gravitational anomaly that is triggered from a seed chip apparently removes all debuffs from the affected enemies. Since the description does not mention it, is this a bug or is it working as intended? Because if it is not a bug then I need to change the chip because it’s doing more bad than good when not doing solo content.

The anomaly chip will only wipe debuffs from Prolapse god/Experimental Destroyer as when the ship is affected by any forced movement effect such as

  • Gravitational lens
  • Recoil Compensated cannon
  • Repelling beam
  • G’thar’du launcher
  • Trap mine
  • Push chips
  • “Glue” chips
  • Gravi wave

It will trigger the debuff wipe effect which is signalled by a ‘green mist’ effect surrounding the ship.In any other situations however the anomaly chip should not wipe debuffs from other enemies as only Prolapse god has anything that would cause a debuff wipe when hit by it.

Aw man, that sucks. Thanks for the help.

No worries mate - the more people that know how the Pgod fight works the better honestly