Gravi-wave - missing HUD icon and an active effect and description

Bug report: (Waz’Got)



What happened?

When you are piloting the Waz’Got, and you use the Gravi-wave module, you do not see the module and effect in its use, or on the HUD.


What should happen?

In any game mode, there should be a visible HUD icon for both ally and an enemy, while active, along with listed effects and description that it has.

We only see the duration timer, but no effect icon. A wrong name title - Alien Pulsar [name tag][corp tag], instead of Gravi-wave label or its proper entity name tag.

Negative effect should be listed with a reddish HUD color for the enemy as well, and there should be the description about current negative effect in progress.


Color seen by the ally, while this module is in effect - green. (description is adjusted accordingly)

Color seen the the enemy, while this module is in effect - red. (description is adjusted accordingly)


How to replicate this bug?

  • Equip any Gravi-wave module on the Waz’Got with Station Protection disabled.

  • Undock to Open Space and make someone hostile to you.

  • Use the module on the attacker or target.

  • Attacked target will not see a proper name label for this module and the HUD icon will also be missing - Gravi-wave.

  • User of this module will not see when the module is active or in use. HUD icon countdown is not visible, when used by the ally.


Screenshot: (All Gravi-waves are affected by the same issue.)



Video: (Check around 1:51 onward to observe the issue. Alien Pulsar should be renamed to Gravi-Wave and a HUD icon should be added.)


Logs: (All relevant log entries to this bug report are already listed.)

[2017.09.29](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15394)