Graphit ore

Hello dear Star conflict community i got a big problem in here… i can’t find graphit ores and searching for it in google does just nothing… i need this stuff asap… if anyone know wheres a spot/sector for it pls let me know it… BTW im not take my time and/or my money or vouchers to upgrade anything… i just wanna farm it in outa space thanks for everything.

You can get graphit plates from: Smuggler(container) or Transporters(container) or the ores from any valuable mineral or Smuggler/Transporter(minerals).

Sanctuary is the best place to farm minerals. Bring a tackler and farm the minerals(+2 drones to drop aggro on them from the NPCs).

thanks… sry but this sector with wich faction is it enterable? like terramorphing station only for jericho

You can enter every sector with every faction. You just need to have a high enough ranked ship to do that.

But it doesn’t make sense to fly accross the galaxy to farm there.

Sanctuary is a r10 jericho sector.

Any ship or carrier that drops a “mineral” will have the possibility to yield a graphite ore or possibly an extremely rare graphite plate. This also applies to interactable objects in open space that have “mineral” in the name. You can also get graphite plates from salvaging high-rank upgrade kits and Mk2, Mk3, and Mk4 modules and weapons. Both the ore and plates very rarely drop in loot after battle in rank 6+ battles.

Graphite ore can be found near asteroids in attacked sectors, purchased in bundles and sometimes appears in loot.