graphics issues - they look worse after 1.2.4 update

Graphics look much worse now!

I am talking about all setting maxed out, or set to preset - HIGH with Full HD 1080p resolution.


We got some kind of horizontal and vertical stripes on Premium preset skins and on all other default (non-customized) models as well.

Also, shadow rendering it looks worse as well, but this issue is older than the one I am describing now.

I do not want to see “little jagged cubes” under my ship, but a real shadow of a ship!


Asteroid textures and shadow rendering in Open Space mode is really ugly. It looks that even if you have your settings set to high, there are also textures which are using textures meant for low texture effect, but only on some Open Space location and not all of them.


Please, check this bug report as well:


Textures in Open Space load very slowly. It takes 5-10 seconds before they are fully loaded up.

Before 1.2.0 update, I never had such issues. It was loaded almost instantly.





Observe the shadows below Strong.


Stripes are clearly visible.


Another case of horizontal and vertical stripes on the Premium skin.


Zoomed in, to see the effect of shadow rendering.


Low resolution asteroid textures and ugly shadow from the “seen cloaked” Tackler fighter.


Horrible jagged asteroid shadow textures.



Please, fix it.


My computer specs: (and no, it’s not only me, others reported the same issues as well)


Part of it has been reported here:

Maybe fixing one thing will fix the other one (same cause for different shadow issues).

EDIT: ive also seen weird shadow rendering; SC engine simplifies shadows at certain distances, however, ive seen that at the same distance you can see different shadow qualities (depending on the angle), some of them messed up like the screenshot of the cloacked rockwell.