Grand Senate of Federation Corps

Calling on all federation corps to delegate a member to represent them at a Grand Senate meeting to take place at an agreed upon date and time.


Items to be discussed:


  1. The training of the younger Corps to achieve efficiency in space


  1. Organizing a sector conquest campaign to rid space of these barbarian Jericho and fascist empire races



for more info please contact me , 1ace1   in game , or join the [steel] forums as an alliance member of the Federation.


pls visit



I will wish for the success of your initiative. A strong Federation benefits the Empire. Even Jericho has something to gain from this.


Feed the war machine. As long as no side can tolerate any who are not of their own faction, there is hope left for survival.


-Kingfisher, Imperial Vanguard

this is exactly why the in-game messaging needs a special corp to corp channel … like a feds only channel, so hard to get this communicated,

well this is not going to work, seems like feds are the most inactive players

The only zerg corp that seems to maintain itself to its intent is CORP.  I’m guessing MassDeath has done something to get it back to his intent for the corp.  CORP has 15 sectors right now, the feds only have 8.

Zerg will always win against few skilled. We can’t do much about it.