'Grand Prix' Finale Day!


**The last two slots have been contested this week among Challengers, and in the end** **Dojo** **(captain Idoneis) and** **Batman and Others** **(captain Illustrios) teams will be joining the tournament.**

The first game day will be held tomorrow, September 17, and will open with games of the bottom of the grid. Teams botbl - Batman and Others** , as well as **** Still Alive - Dojo **** will compete in the game ‘until first victory’. Then, we’ll see games of the first round at the top of the grid between **** Ninja - Null **** and **** Tricolor Hawks - DNO **, and the losers will compete at the bottom of the grid for the right to participate in the tournament further.


  • 17:00 GMT — botbl (captain NEYTRON) face Batman and Others (captain Illustrios);

  • 17:20 GMT — Still Alive (captain SeraX) face  Dojo (captain Idoneis);

  • 17:40 GMT — Tricolor Hawks (captain Sonic89) face DNO (captain Mzhelskii);

  • 18:10 GMT — Ninja (captain Gladiator) face Null (captain heblember);

  • 18:40 GMT — the first match of the second round at the bottom of the grid;

  • 19:10 GMT — the second match of the second round at the bottom of the grid.


*Matches can start earlier or later, streaming takes place in the format of ‘follow by’.





September 18 — the day of finals. It opens with a bottom of the grid match, then the finals of the top / bottom and the day ends with the grand finale in the format ‘best of five rounds’.

By fighting in the tournament the teams will earn tokens that can be exchanged for prizes. The most important of them is the ‘green box’, which is comprised of Ellydium technology stolen by the Baron from their barges.


Watch the games with us!



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The first day of SCL ‘Grand Prix’ will always be remembered with Tricolor Hawks’ amaizing victory in the match against botlb , when they were able to win in almost hopeless situation and reach the semifinals of the lower grid! Congatulations, guys, you’re the best! ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Finale Games will start today, September 18, at 17:00 Moscow time (UTC+3).

17:00  -  Tricolor Hawks (captain Sonic89) against Null (captain heblember). “Best of 3” format;
17: 30 -  Ninja (captain Gladiator) against DNO (captain Mzhelskii). “Best of 3” format;
18:00  - Lower Grid Finale. “Best of 3” format;
18:30  - Super Finale. “Best of 5” format.

Watch the games with us!






[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/31343-star-conflict-league-grand-prix-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=375891)