Gradual Ship Construction

Allow for ship construction to be done gradually. The initial “hull” would be much easier to build, and could be equipped with a basic fitting, but the ship would be missing many features.

For example, you could build the basis for a destroyer, but modifier slots would be missing, special module would not be equipped, and you would have a basic T0 coilgun weapon. With each  package you add, more modifier slots are made available, and module slots unlock. With each internal structure you add, your special module becomes enabled at 50% effectiveness, and then at 100% with the second structure.

Due to the limitations, the ship would be rated at a lower rank, and wouldn’t reach its prime rank and full synergy capacity until all modules have been installed and the destroyer is complete.


In the end, this would make the construction of one feel like more of an “in progress” project, rather than a sudden dump of materials that took months to acquire.

(EDIT: Sorry, I thought this was Leveling and Economy of Suggestions, not Discussion)