got into sector conquest without being in any corp.

there is no way you can actually know its sector conquest.


first this, i got into it without a corporation. 



this is what i found in chatlog.

02:38:41.764    CHAT| <#battle_4636984_1>[MotherShip] hehe

02:38:46.394    CHAT| <#battle_4636984_1>[MotherShip] sector conquest without being in a corp

02:38:49.806    CHAT| <#battle_4636984_1>[MotherShip] interesting

02:38:53.212    CHAT| <          SYSTEM> Screenshot saved to C:\Users\VL\Documents\My Games\StarConflict\Screenshots\screenshot-140127-023852.jpg

02:38:53.433    CHAT| <#battle_4636984_1>[TeiniDiaga] +1))

02:38:53.704    CHAT| <#general_ENGLISH>[NarrowArrow] gg


4 Hours later this happends. (i just logged in at this time) if you want my logs then tell me a website i can upload for free and simple on. .


Wild guess - he was in squad. For attachments you have giant “Attach Files” below text area.



02:38 is sector conquest time, for me its 02-06-10 and in that circle, when i logged back in i came back to a reward from the sector conquest. 

Did you log in, then leave CORP, and then go to sector conquest without logging out?  Timing details matter.

5th time logging in in a row, you recieve Vouchers as a reward.

i found another guy without a corp in Sec Con.

Not all corps have the tags.  Most do, but not all.