got "follow" mode when been shooted



When i start the mission, during fight,

when i am attacked and shooted by an enemy, after a fie sec if i got hit

from other ship (bots or real player)

i loose my controle ower my ship

and it looks like in the “follow”

so, than i died

it is enought to receieve just a fiew shoot, and still i have shields and hulls power ,

it happens the same.

i think it is an inst or copy problem, because it appears only from the last update

The game is GREAT and i LIKEit w much

Now i’ll try reinstall the game

I hope that i didnt loose my skills and levels

i work so hard to get here.

with my best regards.


from Romania

Thanks for your report.

Could you report if reinstall solved your problem?

Can you tell me a time when you are in game so I can have a closer look.

I’ll go in game now!!!

Are you still online in 2-3hours?

I cant join at the moment, because I am at university.

I repair with reload files

now it looks it working

but i’ll be here after 2-3 h’s

thanks for ure time

with best regards,

Gyuri (aladinsm)\Romania

Thank you for your help.

If you need some help just let me know.

Greetings Error