"Good news,everyone!"

The Magnificent Ten.

To all lonely Space Pilots in the endless Universe,

a few decades have past since you started your exploration of space and you may have explored many stunning places.

You may have made new friendships with other space pilots you met on your trip to through the space.

But now it is time to return to your base and you should bring your new space comrades with you, because a big challange is awaiting you

and this challange cant be completed alone.

We are glad to invite you and your friends to join a big Event.

Many brave pilots of the Empire will participate and so should you.

This is your chance to gain glory and reputation through the whole Empire and take a place in history.

If you feel experienced enough to accept this challange you will take part in a big tournament against many other pilots of the proud fleet of the Empire.

Reunite your friends, polish your ships and ready your weapons because this Event will require your best skills and the help of your friends.

The winners of these tournament will be rewarded with glory and a little prize for their efforts.

P.S. spesial thanks to all pilots, who helped to get such a good screenshots. See more




what the hell?

your talking about some sort of competition, aren’t you?

i guess we’ll group up in squads and blow the hell out of each other…nice idea

or is this about the (hopefully soon) introduction of a clan system?

anyway i’m now quite excited

Full details of the upcoming tournament will be announced on Monday - I’ll publish all the rules of it. You will have some time to learn it and to ask questions - if you have it.

The only one I want to tell you now that the date of the tournament is 30th of June.

good to know…weekend is great

Event:“The Magnificent Ten”.

Date: June 30th, 2012.

Dates of Tournament: June 30th, from 00:00 to 24:00 GMT +4.

Registration of participants will be closed on June 29th, at 23:59 GMT +4.

Participants: beta testers that have the ships of level T2-1. Every player can use not more than three ships. Premium ships are not allowed in the tournament.

Teams: squads with 1 - 4 members. It’s not allowed to make replacements in the squad during the tournament.

Conditions: the players are competing in the amount of points earned during playing with the squad.

Every team has to play 10 rounds in a row and bring the result of any 10 sequential rounds into competition. The team wins if it turns out that they’ve been the most efficient anmong other squads that played 10 rounds. The team that wins 10 out of 10 (or the first team that does that and reports about in the special forum topic) will be given extra reward.

Registration of the squads starts today on June 27th. To apply for the tournament you need to publish a commnet in the special forum topic called “Registration for the tournament,” The Magnificent Ten”.

The application form is as follows:

  • the name of the team(squad)
  • nickname of the team’s leader
  • nicknames of other players in the team.

As soon as a squad wins 10 rounds it’s representative reports about that in the topic below their tournament application and attaches an archive with all squad members’ logs (using the Edit function).

Results will be announced on Tuesday, July 3th, 2012

The Squad that gains maximum efficiency in 10 battles will be rewarded with exclusive T-shirts Star Conflict for every squad member. The team that wins 10 out of 10 will be rewarded with a special surprise bonus.

well, wish i was reading forums more. i began in the beta 1 week ago and put some comments and was waiting until i had a full week in the game before i made anymore comments. and now that that time has arrived i see the tourny runs today…ouch.