Good builds for R14 Destros?

Completed my R8 and R11 Destroyers but was wondering how to build the R14 destroyers… Currently I have made the Vigilant so I was wondering if theres any up-to-date builds for it and if possible for the rest of the other R14 Destroyers. I have a hard time farming credits so any cheap builds would be helpful. And on a second note, is there a guide line as to how destroyers should be built?

Vigilant can be built well enough around long-ish range lasers (or even fast coilguns) and the spacial stabilizer. I’d recommend 1 shield (for compacrt shield to get some energy), 2 capacitor (firepower, energy, etc.), 3 hull and 3 cpu for crit damage/range.


Sirius works well as a mid range coilgun/meson boat. Make use of the 3 repair drones by giving it lots of hull resists. Also, you want the federation energy router and enough energy to keep your afterburners online.


Tyrant has many divergent builds. I like to have 3 cap for maximum firepower, 3 shield for resists and the warp detector and 3 cpu for lock on time, crit and range. You want the thermoreactive weapon, multiphase shield and warp reflector. Take note that the tyrant greatly benefits from the rank 7 bottom crew. You dont need to spend module slots for energy regen or volume.


the eneagement range of the vigilant is the longest, sirius and tyrant have both medium-short range capabilities, but approch it differently. Where the tyrant is more like a slow but steady weapons platform, the sirius is a flanking gunboat.


Also, dont use the Halo. Youll only be able to annoy enemy destroyers, which are rare. You will be utterly harmless to 90% of all enemy ships. ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)