Gold weapons (+3% Synergy) and upgrade

Can somebody confirm or decline.

For <insert reason> I have a weapon with 3% bonus synergy, but I also have the purple one. If I decide to upgrade this one will I lose the 3% ? 

Does that mean I have to chose between 3% synergy and more damage?

Hope that will be fixed if not. Because you know … People paid for it. The 3% that is. Not many do it to skip grind.

One way to find out :slight_smile:

Pre patch you did lose the +3% but they fixed it you can now safely upgrade to orange and keep the +3% 


Thanks! So I can safely Purple it as well and then Orange it.


It was fixed in a recent patch or two, so yes.

And how do I select the right one to make Mk5 ? Do not tell me I have to sell/salvage my other one.



It selects the wrong one.


put all others on ships.


it will only take the one which is not equipped.

Thank you !