Gold standard T5 Jericho ECM, please.

I’d like to have one with 2/3 engine slots, 2 capacitor slots, 3/4 shield slots, and 1 hull. 

Feel free to take away the CPU slot to make up for the extra engine or shield slot.

This will defer it from the Wakizashi AE while still keeping it viable.

Currently, the only other viable ecm is the Empire version. (and I’m no hull tanker)

The normal Wakizashi just doesn’t cut it… (It’s forced to become a speed type)

For the synergy passives, give it the Mk.13 Wakizashi’s abilities.

I’ll be willing to pay 16k GS.

I honestly can’t find a good fourth ship that fits my style. Please, make this happen.

The 3 ships that I do like are the Wakizashi AE, the Inquisitor, and the T-Rex Mk.II.

That gs LRF Jericho ship is close, but it’s not my style.




P.s.      This is not a joke. I really will buy it, and I’ll use gs on all of the modules as a reward.

I would like to have an Federation r15 CovOp with

3x Engine slots

3x CPU slots

2x Shields

1x Hull

1x Capacitor


It has to have a bonus to Covop module effectiveness (same as wakizashi r14)

It has to be in positive energy regen without any energy regen modules!


Ill pay up to 200$ for such a thing as a biggest pay2win (well as long as it comes with some gold and have a camo paint pattern)

Don’t make it seem like a joke. It won’t be pay to win.

But it is, Kostyan is right, nuff said.

It’s not. I’m only changing it by taking one passive module and stuffing it elsewhere. It’s basically the Wakizashi AE with the

CPU gone and another module taking its place. The AE has a +20% passive synergy to the length of ecm modules. I’m not suggesting that it carry over that. I do suggest the Mk.13’s wakizashi’s energy type synergy passive instead. It is not pay to win.

It is simply the logical setup of this ship. I do not wish it to be another failure like when they changed the white hawk/Talon.

If they add an ecm to T5, I do not want another CPU slot. It must not turn into just another failure like the Talon.

It seems like you’re unable to see the consequences if the devs give you that ship, don’t you? It’ll open the path so everyone will start asking for specific premium ships, with specific modules slots and passive abilities, and the P2W factor will start to shine.

If they plan to add Tier 5 Premium ships sometime in the future, it’s enterely up to them to design those ships as they see fit, not as one individual wish, no matter how much money he’s willing to pay for it.

Get real, please.

If they plan to add Tier 5 Premium ships sometime in the future, 

There is a Mauler :slight_smile:

Deranzeef, this is T5. There is no reason to make useless T5 ships.

They should make good builds throughout the Empire, Fed, and Jericho. No one will buy them, otherwise.

Also, with the current grind rates, most of the players, if not all, that reach T5 will be those with the gs. Those without the GS already have perfect ship builds. I simply don’t want the GS ones to be degenerates.

Who said that they must do useless T5 ships? Did you even read what I wrote? Meh, leave it at that.

There are only 3 good combinations. All of them involve taking down the CPU slot and adding to combo 1-2-3.

Engine, capacitor, or the shield. Giving that slot to the hull would be a disaster. giving the CPU slot to the capacitor wouldn’t be very good, but at least it would be useable. I suggested the best two combinations while taking away from the CPU slot. If they add to the CPU it will not be a ship that sells. It would fail. Now those are the combinations of the CPU’s slot movement. If they decide to leave that slot alone and simply add and take away elsewhere,

It will depend. The only area that would even remotely be a good spot would be to take away from the engine slots and add to the shield. Why?

Because the energy it would take to use another shield regeneration unit on the capacitor slots would take it below the thruster’s optimal energy usage,

and it just wouldn’t have much use there, as the hull slot already brings energy levels to optimal.

That being said, the strafing modules on an ECM is its bread and butter, not speed, so it doesn’t make sense to

take away from the engines. Which leaves us with only 3 builds.

No, keep the p2w stuff away from t5

It is not pay to win. You can simply get to have the chance to play a similar ship to the one you like most. It gives you more choices.

Most all of the GS ships are much weaker than their standard equivalents. The DLC ships are a joke thanks to people like you by

simply stating it’s p2w when it never was. The gs ships just keep getting weaker and weaker because of it.

It’s illogical. It’s not as if they give you any advantage at all. They do not give you more ships, and they certainly don’t

Make them more powerful than their standard brothers’n sisters. Only as powerful, weaker in one area while stronger in another, or simply very similar, are these ships different. That’s just the passive modules. Their shield/hull levels are always Weaker.

If the only viable T5 ship would be premium ships, it becomes P2W.  If the credit ships aren’t viable, that’s the issue.

Premium ships should be a little bit worse than a credit bought one, but with the premium ship benefits.

If not there will be pay too win. And that is bad for developers.

T5 Premium will be not viable for one reason.


T5 is the actual End-Game, meaning you actually reach a certain gameplay level.


The Mauler is an exception because it’s rank 13. It have a unique design an lower stats/Implant than other LRF you can normly get by farming.


Just to give you an idea : Dragon = Mauler < Inquisitor AE (= or <) Archdragon (with the actual mechanics).


That will just break the Progression. 

It breaks the special status of T5 ships. We need a decent T3 premium guard instead.

It breaks the special status of T5 ships. We need a decent T3 premium guard instead.


t3 guard, yes.

Its weird that there’s a premium LRF instead of guard

Jeri frigates were LRFs before their main line got changed to guards, so I guess all the prem LRFs just remained unchanged. 

Except that all of the ship lines have at least one viable ship.

I’m not suggesting that the premium be more powerful, just make them more viable than the least viable ships

In the T5 lines. Specifically the ones with 2 ships. The ones with one ship in each won’t really matter. You can’t compare it to

a line that only has a single ship. Instead, take a gander at the line that gets 2 of that type, roughly.

Not to say they don’t matter, but make sure to see how they stack up against all 3 ships of each line, Not just the single ship in an entire line. Etc.


                                The premium 20% bonus to rewards adds nothing in battle.



The premium 20% bonus to rewards adds nothing in battle.

You forgot the “No repair” and “Generate 20% free synergy”.


And premium ships are not supposed to be better, they are suppose to be farming ships. (even if we have some broken premium ships actually)