Gold Equip vs Skill Tree

I noticed that I could use gold Equip without having the skill. Normal Equip will be unlocked after I have the corresponding skill unlocked in the skill tree. This way T2 Ships are able to use the Heavy Rail Gun (Gold) without having the skill as an example. Same for Ship/Weapon mods, passive modules and rockets.

This should be fixed because gold items are always a bit better than normal equip and if you are not in need of the skill to use it, its slightly game breaking.

well… im not suprised thought… that the point being “cash gear” anyway…

at least so far their performance par with T3 gear which not really op , since ended the gear from skill research works slightly better at higher tier… so yea… only “Slighty”

but who knows… maybe in future there’s also higher version of those things? not mention we still doesnt know what contained in black market anyway…

Had a look in the shop section an noticed some things. You can buy heavy laser gold and heavy railgun gold without having the skill but you cant buy heavy plasma gun. Theres also a limitation for the rapid versions of plasma and rail. You cant get them without having the skill. So i ask myself why can i get gold equip without having the necessary skill?

This should be fixed.