Give us complete up-to-date information about Ranked bonuses!

Since I cannot post this question to Devs section - Q/A, which is still unanswered since January 2018, I am forced to post this here.




I have been asking several times, in private correspondence to developers, which were never read or answered, and in patch discussions about this.

I just want to know up-to-date information about this information.


We know that there are several issues with those values above:

  • They are outdated since they were adjusted or modified, but probably not mentioned in the patch discussion. (so-called ninja changes)

  • Resistance bonuses are most likely not in % but in pts. instead.

  • Damage buffs may no longer be valid for the same reasons.

  • Values for Rank 16 and 17 are also unknown if included.



So, please, I want an official answer to this question that has been unanswered for several months now.

Soon™ means several months, apparently, or never.

The man is right, you know… we need to know what we are dealing with!

Can we get some official feedback here?!


Proper and up-to-date values are needed:



[@Akaurl](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/241018-akaurl/)

[@CinnamonFake](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257821-cinnamonfake/)

Remove bonuses and give back tiers,

remove hot joining and we will see if the game is worth something and if it have players.

Or you chased all players away.

I believe they are scared to say the true number of players that really play PvP.


Let me guess, from what I can see 20-30 players that really play this game in my time zone since I see always same player names in the game.


The game is dead there for the Devs are dead too!