Give us back the Old maps and Gamemodes

This is a simple suggestion, that is percisely about what the title says. Please reimplement the maps and gamemodes, that we all love and miss back into standard pvp. (If any of these are still available for standard pvp just ignore those). (I am not talking about SCL)



  • Ancient Ruins
  • Leviathan. Catacombs
  • Research Center
  • Northstar Crashsite



  • Combat recon
  • Capture the beacons
  • (Survival, if the hate on that one is not too great…)


the hate is too great, no survival for you ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”) people being extremely bad is why combat recon is not working well, capture the beacons as well. the current mode are also bad to play with imbecils like that but at least they provide some meatshields if they dont evaporate in 3 seconds. imagine if the cap goes in and dies or if they lose all ships quickly …