Give Proximity Mines To All Interceptor Classes.

As the title says, Proximity mines should not only be able to be employed by recons. 

Like the mine-layers finally being given to all frigates, give the proximity mines to the interceptors. 



I strongly disagree, prox mines is one of the best defense/attack system for recons at dogfighting (and i think that’s pretty our only big advantage with a drain shield + mine in your face :wink: ), and we all know here that recons are basically disavantaged at dogfighting against others intys (no attacks buffs) without it because it doesn’t have the firepower of a covops and the cc abilities of ecms.

So if you give prox mines to all interceptors, recons will be just more useless at fighting (consider all tiers pls, not only T5 with modular ships which can allow  more things)


With Recons, it’s enough that they have a warp, and they do have attack buffs. Most of them are empire, after all. No, they are not at a disadvantage.