Ghost issues.

It’s been a while since I posted a topic,I am working on a new series of Broken builds with thunda,need some time to level my last ships,R15s can be tough sometimes.Now on the topic.

So,I have received Ghost since I started playing Star Conflict,I think you could get it if you came from WT,now with the new rework I was a exicted to see how it behaves and I must say,the stats are great but there are some wrong things about the new module and weapon.

-The focusing laser overheats too quick: Now I understand,that some LRF DPS it has without the overdrive and it is amazing,high crit damage and pretty good cooling time but by the time you reach the max range you can keep firing only for 0.5 more seconds so increasing the heating time by 1.5 or 2 seconds can be enough,sadly,R5s dont have way too much customization in matter of weaponry,you do have the Albatross Neurocontroller which increases the range by 20% but that isn’t way too much of an improvement,the other types of ammo can be used from R7s and up,the high-frequency oscillator can be very useful on this,or the flat reflector,even the curved lens for some insane DPS in combination with the engine overcharge to close the range to the enemy.

The “Banshee” system has a strange behaviour: As the tooltip said it launches a charge in front of the ship,but,it turns out to launch the charge in the OPPOSITE direction of the ship’s movement,if you go straight forward the charge will fly behind you,and dont get me wrong,the charge is supposed to be faster than the ship,or if you strafe to the left the charge will fly in the right direction,same thing for the opposite,so,definitely not in front of the ship unless you are staying perfectly still or going backwards,which for me,staying still is not normal,no matter what class,I always tend to strafe or spin around,you can never know what can happen to you,a AG or torpedo can hit you and end you.

There is also the fact that if there is any kind of obstacle in its path,no matter where,the charge will just dissapear,let’s not mention that it can be hard to see,there is only that little blue sphere in the middle that shoots some small lightning bolts and a barely visible cloud around it.

I have built Palom yesterday and I found nothing wrong with it,the projectile is really small compared to the Halo so it gives you the feeling you have a big range but its not that way,also it deals more damage with the radiation rather than hitting with it so the best thing is to catch it and not dodge it,or at least keep the distance from the projectiles and from the ship.

I am working on Kite-E right now but it doesn’t look like you can do much else than denying tacklers and beacon capturing,aswell as spamming modules with the new cap modifiers.I’m sure nothing will go wrong.

I am not gonna get Karud any time soon,but I have fought against it and it is really annoying,thats a next level ECM terrorism.I want that ship.

All in all,some fixes besides the Thi’Lith buff will be welcome.


The ghost module seems to be completely messed up actually. It doesn’t fire where you need it to, it deals exceptionally low damage in an exceptionally low range, it does not seem to expand the radius at all, and if it travels I haven’t noticed.


I honestly expected it to be like a shield havoc-type module that you had to manually shoot at your enemies and it would slowly grow as it slowly flew across a large distance. Instead, it just goes by in a flash and doesn’t do anything useful.