Getting screwed out of commitment reward by game clock

I’m in the CST time zone and I’ve noticed that the commitment reward for a new day seems to cycle around 9:00pm for some reason, and this has screwed me out of my 100 gold standards reward twice now. Because you’re only awarded the reward upon signing in, what will happen is that I’ll start Star Conflict at, for example, 7:00pm, get my commitment reward for that day and then proceed to play until around 12:30am before signing off and going to bed. Now lets say the next day I end up distracted by social obligations and don’t end up logging in until 10:00pm. My commitment reward is now reset because I logged in the previous day prior to the new daily cycle and logged in the next day after that cycle had finished, so even though I’ve logged in on two consecutive days from my point of view, the game thinks I’ve skipped a day.

To get around this, I have to remember to sign back in after signing out each night so I can register a login on the new cycle before signing out again and going to bed, which is easy to forget to do when you’re tired.

Anyone else having this problem as well?

Well when I am in your position i …do just what you said about relogging. So really you have solved your own dilemma.

I log out and back in quickly once the clock has tripped past 7pm CST. Issue resolved.

So what is that Eastern time