Get your own title, pilot!



Pilots! EMC gives you a unique opportunity to get your own military title! Do you remember the day of your first flight? Then go ahead!


And what title did you get? Tell in the comments.


Star Conflict Team

Destroyer of Star Explorers.

“Get of my lawn!”

Hello, moderators. After I make my own title, will it stay with me in the game? I don’t undertsand if it just to make a joke on the forum, or to really change the title in the game. SO, will my title stay with me in Star Conflict?

“Pioneer of Another Federal Bot”



Servant of some White Farmers

Emperor of Battle Weapons

(Master at arms anyone?)

Student of Ham-Handed Pacifists. WAT.

good old nickname / title: Space Wolf, Pirate Baron.

I would like to purchase: Lonely, Recluse, For Rent ← title


I know that stupid or strange, but I fly alone in the free space and PVE.

Hero of infected repeaters?

Weird but ok.

Two days earlier could have gotten hero of infected ships lmao. That would have been epic.

emperor of another insidious barbarians 

That actually sounds decent

I will take that 




there isn’t anything for the “0” digit so we’ll skip that and it makes me "Watcher of Fluffy Butlers… … 
OutlawStar003… I think I could do without that title

General of Insidious Inmates

How very glamorous :confused: