Get ready for the W.I.T.Ch Hunt!



Command has learned that a secret Jericho experiment, codenamed “ W.I.T.Ch. ” ended in a disaster! A large number of specimens has escaped and they seek to capture the minds of any pilots they stumble upon! To localize the situation in sector 1340 several combat fleets have been dispatched. However, as of October 24 , a large number of personnel has already been exposed to harmful effects! In addition, outbreaks of unjustified acts of aggression have also been sighted among mercenaries! Scientists are finalizing the course of treatment, but it’s impossible to guarantee full recovery of those affected by W.I.T.Ch.!

In connection with these events, the command made an unprecedented decision to offer all pilots access to an experimental missiles codenamed “ MEM Inquisitor ”. Using those, pilots have to destroy all the mercenaries, unable to confirm that they did not come into contact with W.I.T.Ch. and are not carrying experimental specimens on their ships. Estimated date of a full clean sweep — November, 1. Do not let us down!

Wishing you a Scary Halloween,
Star Conflict team.

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