Get discon in a game, can't rejoin. SQ + PvP

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Hello, i’d like to report that bug. Since it became really often and annoying to many, many players a full bug report of this is absolutely needed.

I’m putting it in this section because it seems to meets the topic best here.


  1. There are several types of this bug, the classic one is this: I joined a fight and i’m having connection issues, server issues and also some of my own. It kicked me… I was like, okay. Let’s rejoin, but no. No rejoin button avaible, i stick in hangar. Can’t help my team. We lost.

Another version is the one which forced me to report this, it’s just the most ridiculous one. I get a game… Triangulation… Time out, try again. Oh wait, my ships are in battle but i can’t rejoin. So i got a game and can’t even start playing it, people think i’m just disconnecting and i might get reports for something that is not the case. Also people who care about it lose rating and efficiency. 

Then there is the one thing we all know, some issue is annoying you like low fps etc. usually you can restart the game and you continue the fight, doesn’t work anymore as well.

  1. In all of those 3 versions i expected the possibility to rejoin the fight, as usual. I know that if you just push “leave battle” you can’t rejoin, but if you get kicked or you restart the game it always worked!

  2. Standard conditions, nothing special.

  3. Basically there are no real details, the possibility to rejoin any fight in any case just disappeared.

  4. Since version 1.1.4, always.

  5. Logs attached.

Here is a screenshot of the most annoying part as screenshot, many players know me and i would never disconnect cos of any reason except my connection doesn’t allow me to play, but this is just pathetic…


  1. It includes the time of the issue, just add an hour. My time is GMT+2. So it was 18:38:27 GMT+2.

  2. It’s not a graphical bug or issue, no log here needed.

  3. No connection issues.

  4. It ALSO appears in Sector Conquest, same thing. It can occur at any time, but didn’t happen to me yet. So i have no logs for that.


Please, fixing this has a really HIGH priority, it needs to be fixed! Asap.

All people who have this issue, give also your logs, a +1 or whatever, just boost fixing.

If this is intended (what i don’t think but could be possible) then give us the old system back, if it’s a bug or not. It is bad.

_ I know it has already been reported for SQ, and the Devs probably know about this also in PvP, but i just want to be sure. _



OmegaFighter. (Hopes for a fix in next patch)

[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9352)

yes this happens. It’s very irritating. 

I had similar problem but i got the option to rejoin the battle…only it never worked.

In my case its not only disconnnecting, but literally locking me away from playing - I cant change locked out ships to another, just spinner is spinning, nothing happens. At least chat works so I can spread the flame.

will be fixed in next update

will be fixed in next update

I heard the next update will be earliest next week, isn’t it at least possible to give us tomorrow a hotfix for that? This is the worst bug for over 1 year.

I heard the next update will be earliest next week, isn’t it at least possible to give us tomorrow a hotfix for that? This is the worst bug for over 1 year.

Hotfixes are reserved for critical server issues and issues that prevent you from being able to play at all.

Other bugs will be fixed in patches.

its getting worse. i now disconnect every second game or so during triangulation and need to wait about 15 minutes to start another one, because the ships are in battle …


this is unplayable at the moment. I paid a lot for a licence and want to be able to play.


this bug is possible related to this one: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27180-receive-network-error-message-when-i-get-a-match-just-after-i-am-about-to-get-into-battle-from-the-ship-selection-page/)

stats of today: 1 time played, 3 times connection failure during triangulation

it also happens during jumps through portals if you do some missions

the problem is still there in the latest version, although the freuqency in which the error occurs is getting better its now about 1 of 4 games instead of 2 of 4 …

If this bug repeated now, then, please, create new topic with logs and screenshots