General rules of esports events



1. General points and terminology

1.1 The following rules regulate the organization of Esports, they are distributed and supplement the rules of Esports events and the rules of the game.
1.2 All arguable matters are regulated by the organizers at their discretion, based on the rules of the current event and the following rules.
1.3. The following rules apply in the event that the points described here are not taken into account in the regulations of a particular event. In case the points presented here contradict the regulations of a particular event, all disputed points will be decided by the organisers and the game administration on the basis of the regulations of the particular event.
1.4 By registering in the Esports events, the team confirms that it is familiar with its rules and agrees to comply with them.
1.5 ES - esports in Star Conflict (includes various official tournaments and the esports community as a whole).
1.6 ES administration - members of the development team responsible for the ES and their assistants.
1.7 Tournament regulations - a document that describes in detail the rules of conduct for a particular tournament. The Administration develops and publishes its Rules for each ES event.
1.8 The rules apply both to the tournament itself and to its discussion on the official social platforms of the project, as well as that the tournament is considered completed when the forum threads are locked. 
1.9. The ES event does not always imply the use of esports modules. All restrictions related to the available set of entities at a particular event are regulated directly by the regulations of the particular event.

2. Team and team formation.

2.1. The team is an independently organized group of players playing under a single name for the purpose of participating in the event. 
2.2 Communication between team members is an independent aspect of the team that is not regulated by the administration.
2.3 Communication of the team with representatives of the administration and/or organizers of the event is regulated by the regulations of the specific event. If the regulations do not describe this point, the captain of the team assumes the communication obligations if necessary.
2.4. The team captain is the executive person of the team who represents its interests in the event, conducts a dialogue with the administrators and organizers of the event, as well as registers the team for this event.
2.5 The team captain is chosen by the team independently, without the participation of the administration or the organizational group of the event.
2.6 The team formation does not imply its permanent line-up for all events held, as well as its permanent existence, unless it is specified in the regulations of a particular event or group of events.
2.7 It is not obligatory to recruit players of the same corporation in the team. Team members can be from different corporations, if this does not contradict the rules of the event.
2.8 Being a member of a corporation is not tied to participation in a team. One corporation may field an unlimited number of line-ups as long as this does not contradict the rules of the event

3. Participation in events

3.1 To participate in the events, the teams need to apply for participation. 
3.2 The application form, the place of its publication and other points of participation in the event are described in the regulations of the event.
3.3. The rules of the event and the number of maximum possible applications are described in the regulations of a particular event.

4. Team members

4.1 Only the leader can make the final decision on the player’s membership and the formation of requirements.
4.2 A player can only be registered from one team and with no more than one account.
4.2.1 Playing with twink accounts in all events is prohibited! 

4.3. Participants are prohibited from changing their nickname after submitting an application for the event, if such is provided for by the regulations.

4.4. The nicknames of participants within the same event cannot be identical, with minimal changes in letters and numbers, difficult to distinguish from each other, and also cannot differ only in case.

4.4.1. The tournament administration has the right to request changes in the nicknames(despite rule 4.3) of the participants or to suspend the team or player from participating in the event.

4.4.2. The criteria for the identity of nicknames are determined by the organizer and / or the administrative group of the event.

5. Violations

5.1 The commander is responsible for the actions of his players.
5.2 Sanctions are imposed only by the organizers and are individual for each case.
5.3 The organizers inform the commander about the sanctions, and the decision is published in the appropriate section on the forum.
5.4 Punishments are not subject to appeal.
6.5 Each team participating in the ES event has the right to file a complaint about the violation of the rules by the enemy.
6.6 The deadline for filing a complaint of violation is regulated by the rules of the event.
6.7 The following will be entailed by the sanctions:

  • incorrect actions against the enemy before, as well as during the battle;
  • refusal to comply with the rules;
  • sabotage of the tournament battles;
  • repeated violation of the rules;
  • deliberate deception of organizers;
  • public discussion of the organizers’ decisions;
  • incorrect team name or player’s nickname;
  • the use of the “Spectator” mode by members of the teams of the playing pair;
  • passing the password for access to the game room to unregistered players.

6.8 A technical defeat or additional sanctions will be granted for:

  • violation of the combat format (non-compliance with the number of players and non-compliance of equipment to the requirements of the event);
  • no-show (failure to appear);
  • misuse of the “Spectator” mode.

6.9 The organizers reserve the right to interpret arguable matters at their discretion.
6.10 Other violations that are not regulated by these rules will be investigated separately by the Administration. Punishment for violations is at the discretion of the ES administration.
6.11 Suspension from the tournament (player, team or person involved in the event), or total or partial loss of rewards may be applied for:

  • refusal to comply with the requirements of the administration aimed at compliance with the rules, the standard conduct of the tournament;
  • rudeness, obscene language, trolling;
  • public discussion of the actions of the administration;
  • transfer of accounts, use of accounts of unreported players;
  • bringing classified information into the public space;
  • any attempts to fix the matches, exploiting loopholes in the rules;

6.12 Other violations not covered by these rules (including violations of the event procedures) are handled by the administration separately. 
6.13 The ultimate authority of the Administration in issuing verdicts on all violations is Shedi -  the curator of the ES.
6.14 If a team has applied for an event and sabotages participation (fails to show up to the tournament), while not withdrawing the application no later than 3 days before the registration deadline, the sabotaging team commander will lose 7% of the prize money from the next tournament.

7. E-sports events coverage

7.1 Organizers impose requirements for the quality of content, in accordance with which the image of events is formed.
7.2 Organizers have the right to choose any battle of the championship to be broadcasted (streamed)
7.3 The stream is serviced by the ES Administration team consisting of the operator and commentators. This broadcast is official and a link to it is published on all information sources along with news about the event.
7.4 In the “Observer” or “Spectator” mode, the broadcasting of the championship games is allowed only by representatives of the ES administration. Streaming the screen of playing pilots is allowed. 
7.5In case of incorrect behaviour of some players of the team, in particular - incorrect statements to the other team, observers, official streamers or commentators, for unsportsmanlike behaviour - the player receives a warning - in case of a repeated warning the player is suspended from participation in the championship and the team plays with a smaller squad until the end of the event.

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