GeForce 500 series support?

The game looks great and like it would be lots of fun, unfortunately my GFX card is not supported.


I was wondering of the GeForce 500 series would be supported at some time?

The video card requirements on this game at pathetically low, in a great way.  I use integrated graphics.  If you can’t play it even on lowest settings everywhere, you need a better video card.  Try it out, see how it works.  It’s free, so it’s like a demo without restrictions.

My video card meets the system requirements. It’s just listed as unsupported.


My motherboard does not have integrated graphics so thats ruled out



you could download and try to run the game. With up to date drivers there may be a slight chance.

My laptop’s GT 540M is good enough to run beautiful constant 60 fps everytime (on low-medium)

Not supported means “run it on your own luck”; Luckily for your own luck, a GTX5x0 should run it flawlessly.


I saw this game running on a GF4600, which is 6 or 7 generations older (10 yrs)


Good luck.

Tested using a GT 520 and a GTX 580. Both worked just fine for me.

GTX 570 here and I can run the game on max settings, 60fps constant (force limited) at 1920x1080.