"Gather your friends' feedback" event discussion

Leave your applications with in-game nicknames here.

  1. The results must be sent to us till August 1st.


August 1st?

Don’t you fear that peoples will create 5 account and grind them to t2 to have the reward ?

August 1st?

Yepp, it’s too late. Damn.

Or he means August 1st 2015, who knows…

Best way to get a lot of players into the game: Improve the Matchmaker!

This feedback thing from new pilots is stupid… They hardly no anything about the game and chances are they will say the grind is too high, the lag is too high, the servers are horrible and the game is as confusing as shiznit. For positives they will say the graphics are great and the gameplay is cool. Please give us the feedback at the end and tell me they did not say that. You don’t need beginner feedback for that. I was a beginner also and I’m tellig you my first impression.

If you really want to keep new players you should create comprehensive tutorials and increase the amount of SERVERS and fix the GD Matchmaker. The new squad system hardly allows you to team in lower or higher tiers and that’s why most people stick to T3 once they get there.

Ok I’ll do it.

In-game nickname : Swifter.


Even if I invited my friends 2 month ago, you’ll have their feedback.

Lol they fixed it

  1. The results must be sent to us till October 1st.

Sure, sounds fun!

In game nickname: Antigiggy