Gather your friends' feedback and earn GS!



Pilots, Centre needs your help!


We are recruiting mercenaries to help us gather rookies’ first impressions of the game.

Your task is to invite up to five friends to the game, record their feedback and fill out a form.




  1. Everyone willing to participate has to enlist in this thread, including their in-game nickname in a message.

  2. After registration, each pilot will be sent a private message with a form that has to be filled out.

  3. The pilot has to invite friends to the game. Their date of registration has to be not before September 1st .

  4. Referral link is not a prerequisite.

  5. Friends’ accounts must have over two hours spent in battle.

  6. One friend — one account. Five friends — five different people (you’ll have to write your friends’ in-game nicknames in the form too).

  7. The interviewer records their opinion of things they liked and things they found uncomfortable and difficult to understand, then fills out and submits a form. There could be two types of feedback - during only the T1 period or T1 through the end of T2 (rank 6) - rewards will be different accordingly, so it’s for you to decide.

  8. One pilot must fill out forms for at least three newcomers.

  9. The results must be sent to us till October 1st.


Beginners’ opinions are very valuable. For the feedback you will get:


Three pilots  — 1000 GS (for T1) and 2000 GS (T1 + T2)

Four pilots — 1500 GS (for T1) and 3000 GS (T1 + T2)

Five pilots — 2000 GS (for T1) and 4000 GS (T1 + T2)


You can leave your applications [it this thread](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24527-gather-your-friends-feedback-event-discussion/).