1. Being close to a gate will activate it.

I think this is a bug because it occured when I was next to, and infront of a gate.

My action to reproduce the issue would be to fly close to the gate.

Yeah, it seems that the gate range of activation has increased slightly. It is better when you have to GTFO because you are being focused, but when flying bricks it can be annoying.

The gates can still fail though when you try to go through, so the larger activation range helps you when flying backwards to catch it (it will now activate on you when you approach it from the front whereas previously you had to go all the way through to activate them from the back again).

I’d rather they fixed the activation issues once and for all but in the meantime I do like the new mechanics.

I do agree that this is much better then how it was previously.


I like being able to back into the gates also. When I write in front of I mean outside of the ring. I can take this though. It mostly caught me off guard the first time.


The only real issue I would have seen is the gate activating when I was outside the ring on the side.

Fair enough, haven’t experienced the side-activation yet, that does sound a bit strange.