Gargoyle crafting resurces needed

Hiya all, I have a question for you.  What, exactly, do I need to manufacture the Gargoyle?  From chat I was told one of each component (hull, activator, and processing bit), but I just wanted to make sure.

Also, is it decent in pve and co-op v AI (as well as those OS missions that tell you to kill turrets on a small base.)?


Click the manufacture button under gargoyle and it will show you what u need.

I don’t have it unlocked yet, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking.

In that case u need a hull, processing chip and activator for it.

Just one of each?  Not that I think you’re lying, but even the Palom required like 40 bits to get.

Yes but its a different process ull see.


one gargo activator, one gargo hull, one gargo cpu chip, 2 engine packages, 1 reactor package, 2 deflector packages, 6.2kk creds. First 3 components need to be bought from others, packages can be crafted in workshop. They need mostly monocrystals (around 20 for each one).

Gargo is ok in PvE, only long range in the game that can perform better shooting with disintegrator than with main weapon. You just need to be accurate (no missing) and have cooldown reductor module unique to gargoyle.

Yeah the hull, cpu and activator are in trade. Not sure if in any other loots. If you’re lucky you can get them all for under 2k GS, or idk what their value is. A lot cheaper than buying containers when they first came out ;p


Ah, so like dessie crafting.  Thanks for the screenshot [@Rob40468](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/242210-rob40468/)

Just wanted to make sure I’ll have the necessary resources in order to manufacture it once I can.