Gaming with friends

Bunch of guys I know want to play a game together over the weekend so I thought about recommending Star Conflict.


  1. Custom battle servers are still available so we can fool around without outsiders ?


  1. XP and Credit progression still obtainable in unmodified Custom server ?


  1. Whats the squad size limit should the guys want to venture to T1 PVP on their own?


  1. I assume I’m locked out of T1 now ?



that’s nice to hear.

1)Custom battles are still available.

3)Since there are not many squads in T1, I would recommend to use 2x a 2 pilot squad.

4)Most likely yes, since your stats make you a more advanced pilot.


Welcome back Kine!

A lot has changed, you will notice ;D

hoot !

Slightly improved answer(in my opinion :3)



2)You can earn XP and money if you do PvE custom battle. Pick your favorite mission :smiley:

3)The squad max size is 4, but a wing can be up to 12 i believe.

4)Yes and no. You will still be able to que for t1 battles. It will probably put you into a mixed battle, including both T1 and T2. There is a chance that you will be able to battle with your friends, however if you were in a squad with them it would put them into a mixed T1 and T2 battle if you are T1 or T2, but otherwise it would put them into the highest tier you have in your combat slots.