Gametype Switch to PVP for no reason

I tried to get to Alpha-7 Compolex from Devil’s Jaw in a Loki. The game froze for about 2 minutes then when it loaded I was put into a ship select screen from PVP for about 2 seconds. No ships were available and the other team (4 players all with rank 13-15 ship types outlined, I did not have time to check which ships they had. But they were actual player names, I was the only one on “my team”). I was put into the game in the area where beacon C is normally at in PVP game types in a Diverger with no weapon or active modals. The leave game option in the pause menu was greyed out and did not work so I self destructed and closed the game. I logged back in and found that the game did not register the loot I had in Open space, that I did not complete an Open Space game, or that I had fled a PVP game. I’m including the last 2 log files because I am unsure which one has relevant information, as well as a couple of screen shots I was able to get, I was not able to get the PVP ship select screen unfortunately.

[logs.rar](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11241)



Wooooo!!! This is the most fuckes up bug ive ever seen.

Congratulations! You have presented the weirdest bug I’ve heard of so far. You deserve a prize for this.

That’s brilliant XD


Bug of the year!

It was connection issue.