Gameplay with speed modules


The interceptors strength is evasion.

The fighters strength is that it is optimally balanced in survivability vs damage.

The frigates strength is resilence and depending on class: damage, repair or resilence.


At least it is how it should be, but

* guard ships only got +30% resistance overall due to their shields being 30% weaker by default. Just one Long Range got 2 damage types: EM+Thermal.

* command ships energy shield is drained instantly by Positron Gun Volleys.

* gunships can’t eat an engineer or guard, especially if it’s alien but miss small ships btw.


I see small ships as swarm of 9 small ships vs 3 fighters or 1 frigatte.

Because they are so small, they can be built for evasion (thickness/acceleration) but they shouldn’t be weak because of that (plasma arc).


And everything is so **** fast:

* Destroyer has blink

* Engineer Warp Gate

* Thar’Ga at 700 speed easily


The Issues in r8-11 games:


Guards can’t take the punch of long range frigattes and they spawn-camp on smaller maps.

Guard-Players are needed in the middle of the map becaue of an average team-size of 7 instead of about 15 where you can pick more roles.

=> This includes currently dead players, zero-pointer-players and players away from the team fight.



Engineers don’t equip hull repair or fly into combat. But we need one engineer at rear with a repair gun sitting on a guards bottom.

Engineers and Guards which use free aim turn when they drop the hotkey and guns aren’t recharging during free aim.


Long-Range should keep frigattes away but sucks at it when spawns are near cover.

Long-Range are too freakin good at any range -even close range (less than 2000)- vs fighters. Especially if they blink 5k away. (when a good player controlls them)



Commands are target practice of frigattes. That is the issue.

Because players cannot play according to their role.



Gunships can’t eat an engineer or guard. They do have to because engineers and guards are at the frontline and also first-ship Thar’ga happens to be one.



Tacklers die because you can’t free aim at interceptors or take on frigattes.

Free aim blocks gun reload and disables turn control (makes you an easy target).


Consider a small ship with 5k gun range: I had it.



At least everything is equally imbalanced ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


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To be more constructive:


Your observation is highly influenced by your perspective wich is very natural.

I have bad news, i guess you already suspect it:


Most people do not know how to play.

More arrogantly put, they do not play the roles, they do not know how to equip their role, to fit their playstyle & skill level.

Most importantly, they don’t know which role/ship fits the situation.

This cocktail makes for bad players all over the spectrum. No matter what Rank, they are everywhere, fostered by the inconsistent mechanics of the game, over the last year and the lack of community who gives a xxxx.

Also, to flip the iceberg and expose the tip, even the devs have no idea how to play this game.


Glad i could help!


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Most importantly, they don’t know which role/ship fits the situation.


kek, Mauler is always a perfect choice ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) 

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1+ xD


…so, what happened with the speed mods?