Game wil not level me to 16 after fulfilling all requirements

I keep playing PVE over and over and win with score higher than the 2500 it says I must reach to level up to 16.

My last PVP we Won, I scored 3230 and game says I only needed 2500. It will not level me up to 16.

I have won and gone over the 2500 in several games. Some choosing the pve match, this one was by random pve.

I reported to Gaijin before, did it again today. They will not level me up.

I am so shocked and disappointed I am not getting the level up as promised in game.

Please see my screen shots.

In game I am Meerkatz, account is Polyvalent…


Thank You for your help.

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | Not getting leveled up to 16 after fulfilling requirements many times. |
| What you expected to see | I expect to get leveled |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | I am not getting leveled |
| Problem details | I am not getting leveled to 16 after fulfilling requirements.
I achieved all my xp, then it said to win a pvp with 2500 or more points.
We won, I had score of 3223.

I reported to Gaijin before, as I have gone over the requirement in the last few days, they will not fix it. |
| Frequency of reproduction | always |
| Time of bug | Around 4:50pm cst |




…Sorry, my score was 3223, still higher than the 2500 required to level me to 16.

pvp or pvai, not pve (screenshot looks like pve)

Yep, it’s PvP or Co-op, it’s not the same as PvE, not a bug.